Decalogue of a live wedding

1. The wedding is “mine” and I decide.
2. Facebook and Twitter are important but it’s my wedding.
3. My nearest and dearest will be at my wedding.
4. If you aren’t there it’s because you are faraway.
5. If you aren’t there it’s because you can’t make it.
6. If you aren’t there it’s because we don’t know each other that well.
7. I still want to share this moment with you.
8. If you want, you can say if you like it or not.
9. If you like it, be joyful and emotional.
10. If you don’t, be discreet and polite.

What is a Wedding?
A wedding is stress, the fear of arriving late, stage fright, fearsome, wonderful...
...but above all, a wedding is unforgettable!!!
Who doesn’t remember their very own wedding day? “For better or worse”, it’s a day that leaves a permanent mark on your life.
In this era of social networks, it is a question of appearance and existence, it is a continuous selfie. And that occasion needs to be thoroughly worth experiencing and perfect.
A certificate in the “Memory Archives”...
Because, lets face it, every bride’s hidden secret dream is to tell everyone, from distant relatives and many people who she cannot invite, to friends on Facebook and Twitter. But, imagine telling a story in just a few seconds on Instagram, your wedding day live...
Weddinglive can do precisely that and much more...